Fables for Chamber Orchestra

Performed by the 2012 conTemplum Composers Orchestra
Adam Vidiksis, conductor

“Once upon a time…” “… and they lived happily ever after.” These idioms serve as book-ends to countless stories of our childhood. The allure of the fable is its ability to activate our imagination – to send us to a unique and mystical place through the power of words.  We are invited into a fictional world that, in the end, will elucidate some universal truth that we can carry back to real life. Fables does not mirror one particular story, rather it embodies the universalities of the fairy tale: a simple story in a far-away kingdom where the characters are led through an exciting journey. On their way they meet diverse characters and creatures. They find love. They experience conflict and hardship. They persevere and in the end, well, they live happily ever after. I invite you to let your imagination tell whatever story comes to mind as you listen to this work.

Purchase the score and parts (chamber orchestra version) here: https://www.adjectivenewmusic.com/store/p71/Fables.html